Information on ideologies in general

Here is the Political Compass website. Be sure to take the test BEFORE reading the analysis. But do spend some time reading the analysis and browsing the website - it's interesting stuff!

Here you will find simple charts comparing liberals to conservatives and left wing vs right ideologies

Here are some diagrams to help you visualize the political spectrum. Refer to them often as you study, until you become familiar with them.

This is a reading from a very old Socials 11 textbook. It still does an excellent job of outlining the topic.

Check out this powerpoint to get a good overall picture of the main political ideologies and where the major political parties in Canada and BC stand on the spectrum:

Here is a short reading on ideologies and some scenarios to practice:

Here is a different kind of article. How clean is your locker? What does this say about your political beliefs, if anything?

Information on specific ideologies and political parties


Mussolini's definition of fascism (he should know, he invented it):


Read the Communist Manifesto and other communist works here.
Here is an interesting History of the Communist Manifesto
This is a decent explanation of communism:

Something funny (if you like Monty Python).


Crash course capitalism and socialism
A good explanation of socialism by Tommy Douglas!


A pro-capitalist video: Why Capitalism Works.
An "encyclopedia" entry from a pro-capitalist website. Be aware of the strong bias, which itself reveals a lot about the capitalist philosophy.
Here is a definition of capitalism from the "opposite" point of view.
Crash course capitalism and socialism
Capitalism: A Love Story. A Michael Moore documentary.

Republicans vs Democrats

A chart comparing Democrats and Republicans
Short videos - History of the Democratic Party and History of the Republican Party
Lou Dobbs (from Fox News) describes the difference.
A document found on the Santa Clara County Republican Party website. Bias is obvious, I hope!