Origins of the Cold War


Course Companion 451-461
Lowe 7.1-7.2
GSS Library website documents (Good resources here - anyone that wants better than a 3 or 4 will use them!)
(This source is the first chapter of an excellent book on the origins of the Cold War that is available in our library.)
(This source contains excerpt from works by historians of the major schools of thought.)

Overview websites:

johndclare site - aimed at you guys!
Informative site from Australia/New Zealand
Explanation from History Guide website


Truman Library page on the Origins of the Cold War - many documents, from HST's perspective
Lots of documents related to the Cold War can be found here.
Avalon Project - many more documents.
Digital History - some nice short excerpts from primary sources can be found here.


This link takes you to the first episode of an excellent CNN series on the Cold War