Youtube video lecture (10 minute overview from a teacher - I couldn't do it any better!)
from Spartacus website (good basic overview, plus interesting primary sources at bottom of page.)
Historiography of McCarthyism (important to know!)
History of the HUAC
Two Cheers for McCarthyism (revisionist history?)
The Alger Hiss Story (great website with lots of info, documents, etc)
The Rosenbergs: website about the trial, with lots of documents, relevant documents from the Eisenhower library

Civil Rights

Youtube video lecture: Civil Rights in 10 minutes (from Keith Hughes)
Jim Crow museum, origins, examples
Timeline of African American History (From Slavery to Civil Rights), includes primary documents
MLK "I have a dream" - speech, text
List of activists and events from Spartacus Education website
The Civil Rights Movement: Major Events and Legacies (from Gilder Lehrman Institute) -
Different Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement (from Gilder Lehrman Institute) -

Minorities/Native Americans/Immigration



Literature and culture of the 50's
Bob Dylan The times they are a-changin' (lyrics)


History of the Interstate Highway system: here and here
Francis Turner: HIghway architect: short video clip