Command Terms

Pay close attention to these terms before answering your question. Plan your answer accordingly.
Argue or examine in detail a perspective or a development. In the analysis, indicate relevant interrelationships between key variables, and relevant assumptions involved, and include a critical view of the significance of the account as presented.
Analyze the extent to which
Same as above, but also be clear that a judgment is sought.
Measure and judge the merits and quality of an argument or concept. Clearly identify and explain the evidence to support.
Make a judgment of the argument or concept under investigation or discussion. Weight the evidence available and identify and discuss the convincing aspects of the argument, as well as its limitations and implications.
Compare or Compare/ Contrast
Describe two situations and present both the similarities and differences between them.
To what extent do you agree
Judge the success or otherwise of one argument or concept over another. Present a conclusion, supported by arguments.
Account for
Explain a particular event or outcome.
Investigate an argument or concept and present your own analysis. Approach the question critically and in detail to uncover the assumptions and interrelationships of the issue.