Past Essay Questions

The Great Depression in the Americas
  1. Compare the response of the USA and that of any one other country of the American area to the problems and challenges of the Great Depression.
  2. Discuss the political and social consequences of the Great Depression in the USA and in one other country of the Americas.
  3. Write a critical assessment of the New Deal in the U.S.
  4. To what extent was the New Deal in the United States an attempt to save capitalism rather than to undermine it?
  5. Compare and contrast the economic impact of the 1929 Depression on TWO of the following: a) the U.S. b) Canada c) one country in Latin America.
  6. What were the causes of the Great Depression (1929) in any two countries of the region?
  7. What changes in economic philosophy did the Great Depression produce in the Americas? Reference should be made to at least two countries in the region.
  8. How and why did F.D. Roosevelt's domestic policies in the 1930s affect the power of the presidency, the power of the states and attitudes towards government regulation of the economy?
  9. With reference to at least one country of the region, to what extent was the Wall Street Crash of 1929 a cause of the Great Depression?